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Andre & Cirell


Singers, Dancers, Impressionists, Story Tellers, Mimes, Comedians... with an International Repertoire! 

Take a singer with an operatic voice and knead him into a comedian-impressionist. Add a comedian who croons with the best of them, mix well with three musicians who sound like the Boston Pops and you've a recipe for loads of side-splitting hilarity and delightful song. 

Bob Andre is remembered by many for his recording of "Darling Lorraine" while leading a group called the "Knockouts" and the younger crowd knows him as Tony Toupee from "A Bronx Tale". Frank Cirell, trained for opera, with a talent for imitating others, joined Andre to make for a blend that works perfectly together. Cirell's rendition of Melissa Manchester's "Don't Cry Out Loud" has audiences climbing up the wall. 

Andre is a mime who can sing, while Cirell is a comedian-impressionist. They "do" various stars in hilarious style, often switching roles. While one dresses for a new skit, the other sings. These serious moments are as entertaining as their comedy. The handsome singer and straight man tolerates the wild antics of the funny comedian and the blend results in a hilarious performance. Andre and Cirell are perfect for concerts, theaters, corporate events, private parties, state fairs, stadiums, and auditoriums.

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