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Anything Goes


ANYTHING GOES...when these guys take the stage!! 4 musicians from great bands have come together to bring you some of the best, high-energy rock you will hear in Jersey. ANYTHING GOES delivers tight, powerful live shows that transmit crowds into a rock-induced frenzy!! 

ANYTHING GOES has it all! The band is fronted by dynamic singer, an incredible guitarist, and a rhythm section unlike any other!! Masters at their craft, they meld together to form a rock solid foundation echoed in the music they play and the insanity that follows. The crowd won’t leave until the last note of the last song rings out…then they will scream for more!

There’s something for everyone at an ANYTHING GOES show. The band has spent a lot of time compiling a wide variety of songs from the 70’s to today. When you come to an ANYTHING GOES show, be prepared to go on a wild ride you will never forget. When STARS Productions says, "anything goes", anything will go with Anything Goes!

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