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Broadcast Hearts


When you’re looking for a rising star who can also deliver fresh covers of songs every person in the room will know, there’s no better act than Broadcast Hearts.


Broadcast Hearts is a three-piece, pop-rock band from Trumbull, Connecticut. Formed in 2009, the group comprises Avery Bazan (lead vocals, piano/synth), Ted Ferik (drums), and Justin Molfese (backing vocals, bass guitar).

The keys-based group engages a dynamic sound and style, drawing influence from acts such as Coldplay, Mumford & Sons, OneRepublic and Imagine Dragons. Contrasted by leading piano and synths, the band presents a wide range of music from anthems to ballads. 


Broadcast Hearts has played over 100 shows, enjoying success in venues across the northeast and coast. These include distinguished places like The Bitter End, Mercury Lounge, and Toad’s Place as well as large spaces like Bluefish Stadium, University of Delaware and more.


The band can fit any size space, from private events and coffee houses to large arenas filled with memorable anthemic moments.


Broadcast Hearts formed in 2009 with three friends Avery, Justin and Ted playing across Connecticut, meeting with positive reviews at every show from the beginning. In 2010 they expanded to New York and began work on their first recordings, the "Beginnings EP.” It was released in 2011 and enjoyed airplay on stations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Colorado and Ireland. 


After attracting industry interest, they professionally recorded their second EP in 2012, titled, “Anchor Rising. The EP was released in 2013 and has enjoyed international airplay and response. Later that year they released a music video to their first single “Sails, Wings & Wheels” which made it to MTV, VH1 and a host of national retailers. 


Broadcast Hearts has toured heavily during 2014, while releasing a music video to their second single “Real.” "Real" has been picked up by MTV, VH1, and LA Fitness among others already. 


They’ve been noted for delivering creative experiences such as playing vertical pianos, handing out glow sticks, bringing people on stage and more. If you’ve been in places like American Eagle, LA Fitness, Levi’s, Polo, Reebok and more you may have already heard them! 


The band is philanthropically active, and circle around a message of hope. Their shows are energetic and their songs are earnest. The band has developed a sincere following in the Northeast and continues building their presence nationally.

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