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David Cedeno

STARS Productions feels within the entertainment industry there are two types of people; there are stars and there are artists. Being a star is something that occurs instantaneously and unfortunately for some, the height of a star’s success usually ends as quickly as it began. However, for an artist, their success is slow and coming yet they remain solid within the industry as someone with seniority and an admired respect. One such artist is David Cedeño. At the age of 14 David had already begun his path as an artist. As his career progressed, he wanted to share his passion with everyone. Together with his orchestra, David played a large variety of music such as Latin salsa, Latin jazz, meringue, ballads, and waltzes. Still believing that music was “made to be shared”, David rearranged some popular English hits by adding a Latin salsa beat while still keeping the original lyrics in English. These English titles include Lady in Red, Will You Love Me Tomorrow, Somewhere, & Sealed with a kiss. His initiative opened the gate for other Latin performers to attempt a crossover and introduce their music to America.


As a Latin musician, David’s success stretches far beyond the borders of the United States. In 1996, David Cedeño and His Orchestra were asked to share their Latin music in person with the residents of Japan. For six months, he was able to get in touch with a fan base he only heard about in letters and phone conversations. With his albums being distributed worldwide in such countries as Japan, Germany, Holland, and the Netherlands, it’s no wonder his success is what it is.

'Sealed With A Kiss'

'Will You Love Me Tomorrow'

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