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Dixieland Treat


Dixieland Treat is a multi-mixture from Jazz to Americana with great showmanship and Dixieland entertainment. It's so much fun for all ages. Kids love it. Teenagers love it. Young adults, adults, and senior citizens will laugh and appreciate the most versatile musicians you'll ever see. It's simply great musicians having fun and selling fun. Their songlist is so extensive, you'll have to contact STARS Productions for more information. This is an act that throws an incredible party and take our word for it, seeing as they've performed all the way around the world and back.


Get ready to hear some joyous jazz - humorous, adventuresome, and often irreverent. This band swings hard, but treats ballads with sensitivity, exhibiting both musical discipline and freedom. Dixieland Treat mixes great versatitily and fine musicianship with wonderful creativity. The result: a truly unique sound!


Louis Armstrong once said, "Ain't no work - them old ones - they play themselves. We was just havin' a ball."


Dixieland Treat is comprised of an array of musicians hailing from the New York metropolitan area. They have all had extensive playing experience with various venues and styles from classical to jazz. They share one common bond: to work as a unit and play the music they love. That love will lead them through many styles and periods with the result being many outstanding performances. You'll have a great time. 

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