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Eagles Tribute


    The World’s Greatest Eagles Tribute Band. That isn’t their slogan by mistake. Steve Tarkanish, President of STARS Productions, came up with the idea and the name.


This Eagles Tribute has dedicated itself to faithfully reproducing the sound of The Eagles for the past three years. Since their inception, this band has been thrilling audiences all over the East Coast with their stunning five part harmonies and their uncanny ability to emulate The Eagles note by note. Their show consists of all of the Eagles greatest hits, as well as some of the solo work.


    The band consists of an ensemble of veteran musicians. They typically perform in theaters, casinos, and large night clubs, providing tens of thousands of fans an experience they won’t soon forget. One of the comments you’ll hear most often about this Eagles Tribute is that they sound EXACTLY like The Eagles. Audiences are amazed by how closely they sound to the real band. This is the one thing the band prides itself on. “We have spent countless hours breaking down everything The Eagles do on their albums so that we can faithfully reproduce these unforgettable songs in the most authentic way possible. We do not take liberties with their music. We play exactly what The Eagles played on their records. This gives our audience a chance to experience the music the way it was meant to be heard, and we do this live on stage night after night.” says Frankie Reno. “Our audiences are taken on a journey with the timeless music of The Eagles…courtesy of our Eagles Tribute.” If you like The Eagles you will love this band!

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