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Eye Candi

S.T.A.R.S. presents a new & innovative way for a variety of venues to attract customer attention. Imagine a combination of music video, in-house advertising and branding coming across video monitors and/or projection screens, perhaps ambient video to set a certain mood - EYECANDI for sure!


EYECANDI is a combined effort of DJ’s Super J and Dave The Rave, Professional DJ’s with substantial and extensive training in graphic arts and video production. Through their hands-on experience in the DJ world and working closely with bars/clubs/restaurants, EYECANDI was born not only out of a need to entertain patrons in new ways, but also to inform them of upcoming events. “Promotion is everything in this industry” These groundbreaking DJ’s say, “and there is no better way than to put it across on the screens to be seen by all.”


Part of the pro-level Tri-State area DJ scene for years, Dave and Jay have evolved into the 21st Century whereas some of their peers have stood still. “Transcend is a word we strive for, incorporating sight as well as sound, and modern digital technology has helped us move beyond the ordinary. It must be seen to be believed!”


We are betting video production of this sort will and should be an integral part of any successful nightlife venue. EYECANDI is available through S.T.A.R.S. for Bookings and Consultations.


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