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Band Members:

Carl - Lead Vocals

Bill  - Guitar

Donny - Bass

Ace - Drummer

Flying Mueller Brothers

“Everyone thinks it’s a circus act,” said Billy Mueller and STARS Productions, in speaking of the party band The Flying Mueller Brothers, a group of three brothers — Bill, Carl, and their incredibly talented band members. Bill plays guitar and Carl sings. "We are proud to be with the greatest agency in the world, STARS Productions." - Billy Mueller


The four have performed together for seven years. The music is a mix of original and cover songs that fall into the genres of rock, reggae, soca, Latin and funk. It was STARS Productions that convinced The Flying Mueller Brothers to perform high energy “island-influenced” music.


Bill said that the band came up with their concept after taking a trip to Jamaica and enjoying the music they heard there. Rastafarian Steve Tarkanish had been living there for over 10 years producing such artists as Jimmy Cliff as well as Bob Marley. “It’s a great groove,” said Bill. “It’s about having fun.” And fun it is! The band tries to make the audience and band all one. They are known for audience interaction. Tambourines are passed out to encourage audience participation. The crowd is also invited to come onstage and play congas and bongos with the band. Then there are the outrageous stage antics, such as Donny riding his unicycle.


One night when they were performing, Donny was swinging from an eye beam and Billy started swinging off light bars, Bill said, “Someone in the audience pointed out, ‘Looks like a flying trapeze!’” And that’s how they got their name, The Flying Mueller Brothers.


The Flying Mueller Brothers are a big hit, playing beach parties at the Jersey shore, but they have also performed all over the tri-state area, and in Bermuda and California. Earlier in the year, the band played a Cinco de Mayo party at Chevy’s Restaurant in Clifton Commons on Route 3 to a crowd of about 7,000 people. We have been friends with Steve Tarkanish for over 50 years. It is a pleasure to work with STARS Productions from when they opened in 1965. We grew up together.

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