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GoodMan Fiske


GoodMan Fiske is an energetic and passionate band based in NJ looking to spread their style of music to the entire world. GMF started in the fall of 2005 when Gene Goodman and Ryan Fiske started playing acoustically at local bars. In 2008 GMF joined Shore Bets Management and began their fulltime career as musicians. The band continued to perform at various venues and in 2009 John Kresge was added on the drums. GMF has had the privilege of working with extremely talented bassists over their years and they have welcomed Alex Staff with open arms in the fall of 2013. Now the band is complete with four strong individual talents that have come together to produce an amazing and entertaining musical vision.


Within that time, GMF has been on T.V. twice, performing on channel 3′s “Beasley Reece Show” inside CBS studios. They have been working with local radio stations playing events such as 93.3 WMMR’s MMRBQ with Pierre Robert (a legendary Philadelphia disc jockey), WMMR’s Preston and Steve’s Campout for hunger, and often perform on 103.7 WJSE (a rock station down the Jersey shore area). They have produced an original EP with a full length album releasing in 2014. GMF performed at the same venue as world renown ZZ Top, Offspring, Papa Roach, Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, Duff Mckagan’s band Loaded, and Halestorm. GMF currently performs 2 to 7 times per week and booked up and down the east coast. The guys also perform in 6 casinos in Atlantic City, 2 casinos in Philadelphia, and The Dover Downs Casino.


GMF is the perfect band for any event. Corporate, weddings, bars, nightclubs, happy hours, ski resorts, backyard parties, outdoor concerts, etc. With so much material to work with they can change up their style of music to fit YOUR party! Goodman Fiske are extremely confident, professional, humble, and hard working guys that love what they do and have the right mind set, dedication, and creativity to make an impact in the music scene one note at a time!

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