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Grover Kemble and Za Zu Zaz
Grover Kemble has established himself as one of the most versatile artists anywhere. Check out this video of Grover's impersonation of Jimmy Durente.

Grover Kemble and Za Zu Zaz

Jazz, Jump, Swing, Calypso, Latin, Blues, all styles of music for any and every occasion!


Grover Kemble and Za Zu Zaz has been providing exciting musical entertainment to the New York Metro area for over four decades. His unique ability to entertain his audiences sets him apart from other jazz artists as he continually seeks to engage his listeners with both 'call & response' and 'sing along scatting' methods of audience/performer interaction.


The bands repertoire includes 40's/50's jump/swing, Americana, vaudeville, calypso, originals and even jazz interpretations from many of the contemporary pop artists of today. Band members Bobby Marks (Guitar), Regan Ryzuk (Piano), Tim Metz (Bass) and John H'Vasta (Drums) are all seasoned veterans of the tri-state jazz scene and provide strong instrumental support in Grove's endeavor to involve the audience in his performance.


This band is all about making it fun. The audiences must be ready to get involved when Groveman hits the stage!

G-Man Got The T-Man - Grover Kemble
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