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Ken Darcy

Ken Darcy is a singer/songwriter/musician/poet. He studied music at Montclair State University and privately studied voice under the direction of Gian Carlo Minotti in Manhattan. He has played music on stage since the age of 11 and has been influenced greatly by the style of The Eagles, Neil Young, America and many other crossover rock acts.

Ken plays guitar, bass guitar and keyboards and has extensive training in vocal arranging and music theory under the direction of Duke Anderson, Duke Ellington’s accompanist.

Ken Darcy has performed in many venues ranging from The Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. to the Bottom Line in New York City. He has worked with performers ranging from the Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra to Cher. He has worked with musical producers such as Don Dixon, Brendon Harkin and Rob Fusari and song writers like Jim Wann, Bland Simpson and Irwin Levine. Ken has appeared on Television in such shows as The Big Break and was musical director for The Sports Hour.

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