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    During the summer of 2009 Kinderhook decided to get together and do a few shows. The idea was to have some fun playing together and have a few laughs. They agreed to do a show in March of 2010 with the New Riders. The response was humbling to say the least. 

    Almost 600 lunatics came out in a major storm and not only created an event but recreated a feeling that took them all back to a very special time and place in their lives.  Kinderhook thought it was a fluke, a one-time deal. They were wrong. The same thing happened when the band did shows at the Headliner in Neptune, N.J. and again at McLoone’s and the Stone Pony in Asbury Park.

    When things started to get posted all over Facebook and YouTube, the band was confronted with the age old question... WHAT THE HELL DO WE DO NOW!  Given the response of the audience and the fact that Kinderhook was having such a blast the answer was simple. Let’s do it again. Steve Tarkanish agrees. STARS Productions is ready to go.

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