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Mack & Soul

Joe Mack McClam has formed a Party Band based upon his 15 years of experience as a singer with the Sensational Soul Cruisers and back-up singer with the Drifters, and many more Artist. This band has a unique ability to get people to dance that never dance at any event. Performing hits from the past and present with a combination of 4 lead vocalists that share the stage with charisma and pure talent.


Rick Pasek, former MD with Gloria Gaynor, and Kelton Cooper from Kool & The Gang are lead guitarist. Marco Accattais, and James Calloway, who wrote “Over Like a fat Rat”, are bass players. The drummers Eric Jordan, Gene Lake have toured with some of the World’s Greatest Artist. Nat Vasquez is a dynamic vocalist with a very soulful sound, along with Annie Sollange who has performed for Victoria Secret in Russia. Gordon Freeman, and Derrick Dupree are Male Vocalist that have toured the world and have put out many records of their own.


They have performed many Charity Events for Christies , and have danced the night with the likes of Katie Kouric, Al Roker, Jim Cramer, Derek Jeter, Joba Chamberlain and many more., They once brought down the house while performing at Ron Pearlman’s residence with guest including Aretha Franklin, Billy Joel, Russell Simmons and Howard Stearn gave them the thumbs up.


They usually have a female singer, who can sing the likes of Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and many more female artists.


Mack and Soul consists of a Horn Section, and a Rhythm Section, that has played with many very well known recording artist such as Bruce Springteen, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keyes, Duprees, Gloria Gaynor and many more.


On Stage, Mack and Soul, puts out so much energy that people are still talking about the performance many months later.


If you want to have the time of your life, then you should book Mack and Soul!

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