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Sir Rod


Tommy Edward as SIR ROD STEWART is in it's 14th year running.  Tommy Edward has captured the wild hair, the sweet soulful raspy voice, and the body language of the real Rod Stewart. Combining the image of Rod Stewart with contests, sing-alongs, fans onstage, ballons, freebees,  family photos, costume changes, and a great band,  Tommy Edward wins over the packed houses every night.   "I want every fan to say they saw a great show and that they'll come back.  And they always do." 


"He's a  man of the people, an old school Las Vegas style entertainer with Philadelphia energy. Tommy Edward is the ultimate Young Turk!" That's what the fans are saying.


Tommy Edward wants to rock your house. Everyone will be a part of the show. The fans must have a great time. Tommy Edward would have it no other way.


" When I'm entertaining, I want the crowds up front rockin' and dancin'.  But I'm always meeting and greeting the more laid back fans with photo -ops & hi-fives. I try to unite the crowd as one.  The power of unity elevates the energy and you can really feel it."

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