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Toga Party Band


For almost a decade, The Toga Party Band had been delivering one fun filled show after another.  Having hundreds of events to boast about, we promise an amazing time when Toga Party Band is in the house! 


Taking their cue from National Lampoon’s “Animal House”, the Toga Party Band developed their stage show based on that time honored college rite of passage; the Toga Party!  By combining visual props, a repertoire of classic “frat party rock”, current top 40 dance party hits and the crazy visual of the band performing in togas, the Toga Party Band creates an awesome party atmosphere.

The band performs in togas and makes it their personal mission to be the party makers. The performance in togas is hysterical to watch! Setting the antics aside, the talented members are serious musicians who boast a phenomenally tight sound and extensive repertoire which have contributed to the band’s success.

Be assured that when the Toga Party Band provides entertainment for your event, guests are guaranteed a night of great music and Greek mayhem! Regardless of whether the performance is togas or in more formal attire, the band creates a memorable and fun event for all.  The band is expert at performing any type of event including weddings and corporate events.  Please check out the video below and join the party!

The party starts here....TOGA!!!  

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