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unBrothers play the best of Vintage Rock/R&B. As accomplished performers, recording artists & songwriters, they put their unique spin on Vinyl-era classics, B-sides and mash it up with the odd current hit & original songs.

unBrothers is not your ordinary cover band. While it’s accurate that all of our material was written and performed by some the most famous rock acts in history, we have managed to put our own spin on this material by cleverly assembling and weaving songs in big production mash-ups. Finding songs that do not, should not go together, unBrothers invokes alchemy to create something new, something synthetic. This synthesis yields something different and original, bigger that the sum of its parts to the delight of audiences.

The result is a “rock show” where every visual, musical and audio element has been fine tuned and executed with precision, all while maintaining super high energy.

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