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Band Members:

Frankie P.  - Lead Vocals

Paul J Baccash - Lead guitar

Jason Soltys - Keyboard/Guitar

Joe Potts  - Bass

Mike Watt - Drums


UNDISPUTED has a talent for connecting with its audience, as evidenced by the rapidly growing number of fans and new friends at their shows. These guys make you feel welcome as they treat you to their unique mixture of today's rock, your favorite pop and old school hip-hop. No big egos allowed! An UNDISPUTED show is just one big party that everyone is invited to again and again.


UNDISPUTED has just begun its fifth amazing year on the tri-state area club scene. Established in February 2001, the band continues to distinguish itself as an entertainment force to be reckoned with. With the rare combination of great musicianship and showmanship, it seems that UNDISPUTED has it all - a jaw dropping rhythm section, a killer guitarist, sweet harmonies, a good look and a ton of charisma.


Led by frontman Frankie P. (by all accounts one of the best on the circuit today), Jason Soltys on keyboard/guitar, Paul J Baccash on lead guitar, Joe Potts on Bass and Mike Watt on Drums have dazzled audiences at Jenkinson's, the Tradewinds, the Osprey, the Whiskey Bar, the Quarterdeck, Martell's Tiki bar, the Thirsty Turtle, the Wobbly Barn, Trump Marina, and many other great clubs in and around the tri-state area.


UNDISPUTED has energy and enthusiasm to spare. Many are impressed by the band's constant devotion to expanding their repertoire and improving their show. This band has the maturity to learn, combine and expand many types of party music, yet is wild enough to really cut loose when the time is right. UNDISPUTED makes sure that every one has a good time and for this reason will be one of the most sought after bands for a long time to come.

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