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Uptown Getdowns

Formed by the rhythm section of the acclaimed soul/reggae rockers known as Daylow; The Uptown Getdowns were born. Drummer; Steve Dans, bassist; Benjamin Earl, and guitar man; Jake Nowak wanted to try something other than the original music scene. They wanted to create a quality act that can play the music they grew up loving and apply it in almost any setting. After adding female vocalist Mary Niewola and vocalist/pianist; Peter Bellomo, what they got was something beautiful and undeniably funky. Since the five members share such a love of music from the 60’s & 70’s funk, soul & Motown era, it was decided that they would be covering that style of music. Avoiding limitations, you’ll also hear them play a diverse mix of the most popular rock and pop tunes from past to present. These five highly experienced and extremely tasteful musicians/singers can lay down a groove that’ll demand you get up and boogie. Having played venues that range from small coffee shops, wedding receptions and cocktail hours, they know exactly how to play to the room. The Uptown Getdowns are a fun-loving, party style, feel good band, and you really can’t go wrong!

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