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Alex Zox 

Executive Vice President 


Alexander Zox has been involved in the arts since his youth.  He has worked on a close level with a variety of visual artists, musicians, sculptors, actors and all of the personalities in-between. He found a perfect fit for his accumulated skills in the entertainment business when he joined the STARS Productions team. You name it, he has booked it, from such prestigious events as a presidential inaugural ball to the 40th anniversary of the NYC Marathon. He has worked with hundreds of clubs and continues to book thousands of shows for special events, from weddings to fairs, festivals and anniversaries, corporate events and private parties. Alexander has booked multiple events nationwide with verve and can do attitude unmatched in the industry. Anytime I can get all sides to converge on a stage, it gives me the insight I need to fully understand the true business of show business.”He believes in forging a strong relationship with clients in order to maximize communication and happiness. 

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