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Alex Zox - Background


Alex Zox has over two decades of experience working both as a performer and in the business side of music and entertainment. He has worked for the renowned theaters, Circle in the Square Theater and Second Stage Theater in New York City. Alex began his work in the industry as a studio assistant for a number of visual artists during his formative years while growing up in Manhattan. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College Alex continued to pursue his artistic endeavors, working directly with prestigious clients at Crozier Art Warehouse as well as the Village Vanguard; George Colman, Lou Donaldson, Wynton Marsalis, Cedar Walton, Ron Carter, Don Cherry, and Mulgrew Miller, to name a few.


Alex is a continuous member of the original project Subcommittee (a musical hybrid which is referential of many musical formats including Punk, Jazz, Rock, Latin, and Hip Hop) as a saxophone player and vocalist for 20 years and counting.  While with the band, he played multiple shows across the east coast in New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maine, Boston, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Vermont. Alex has also worked as a sideman in Europe playing in Chemnitz, Berlin, Essen, Cologne, Hamburg, Den Bosch, Amsterdam, and Paris.


Alex continues his over 10+ years of work at STARS Productions booking thousands of shows including Clubs, Weddings, Special Events, and Festivals.  “Anytime I can get all sides to converge on a stage, it gives me the insight I need to fully understand this crazy business, show business.” He believes in forging a strong relationship with clients in order to maximize communication and happiness.

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